Voluntary activities

After her retirement, Hanna Muralt Müller devoted herself mainly to voluntary activities. Over a very long period – from autumn 2005 to the end of 2019 – she developed numerous activities within the framework of the Swiss Foundation for Educational Media and its follow-up projects.

Swiss Foundation for Educational Media (shortcuts: SSAB / FSFA)
Launched in 1993, the foundation initially promoted the use of audiovisual educational tools, and later became more generally involved in the digital transformation of the entire educational and vocational system. The aim of the foundation was to contribute to the implementation of national strategies in this area.

Hanna Muralt Müller took over the presidency of the foundation in early 2006, but stepped down in 2012 to devote herself fully to strategic and operational tasks as vice president and delegate for the network of the foundation. She extended the existing network, which ultimately comprised some 80 institutions and organizations from a wide variety of fields, from education, science, economy, media, administration, associations and politics. The intensified network and increasingly numerous activities led to a very high workload that could no longer be carried out on an honorary basis in the long term. However, the necessary financial resources were not available to relieve the burden of operational work. Finally, it was possible to ensure the continuation of the most important activities, thanks to contractual agreements with two well-known institutions from the network. The foundation was dissolved at the end of 2019.

Follow-up projects
Hanna Muralt Müller maintains and extends the network she has built up and uses it for the development of follow-up projects, in which she continues to participate on a voluntary basis. The previous congresses in March have now been organised under new management since 2020. The vision of promoting the digital transformation in the educational and vocational system by intensifying multilingual exchange across language borders and the establishment of a cluster in the Bern area is also taking shape. A new support structure, BeLEARN, has become active.

Further information can be found on the archive page of the former foundation: http://www.ssab-online.ch/ (German, French, Italian).
All files / publications are publicly accessible in the Swiss Federal Archives, here. The most recent materials can be found under J2.333-01#5 (financial years 2006ff.) and here under J2.333-01#5-1.