Curriculum vitae

Date of birth
16th November 1947
Civil status
Married to Jürg Müller-Muralt

Education and professional activities

1963 – 1967
Teacher training college in Thun, Switzerland, Teachers Certificate, 1967
1967 – 1970
3 years’ teaching at various primary schools in canton Bern
1970 – 1976
Studies at the Philosophy and History Faculty of the University of Bern, Lizenziat, 1976
1976 – 1978
Teaching at various schools, while active in student politics:
– member of Steering Committee of the Student Union of the University of Bern
– member of Steering Committee of Swiss Student Union
1978 – 1983
Scientific Secretary to an extra-parliamentary committee in canton Bern dealing with intercommunal cooperation and regional development issues
Concurrently: Interdisciplinary dissertation, entitled “Region – Utopia or Reality?”
Doctorate of History, 1983
1983 – 1987
Senior desk officer in the Federal Office of Education and Science: development of goals, strategies and planning in the university and research sectors
1987 – 1991
Head of the Executive Secretariat of the Federal Chancellery
1991 – 2005
Vice-Chancellor of the Swiss Confederation
2005 – 2007
Delegate for International Affairs
2008 –
Advisory services: various mandates

German (mother tongue), French, Italian, English
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