Vice Chancellor

The Federal Chancellery is the staff unit of the Swiss government (Federal Council). The Federal Chancellor and the two Vice Chancellors belong to different political parties and language regions.

Since her election as Vice Chancellor, Hanna Muralt Müller has taken part in over 400 sessions of the Federal Council. She was responsible for the preparation of these meetings and drafted the resolutions.

She headed various services of the Federal Chancellery and initiated several innovations. Among them:

Switch from paper to online publication of legal data
In 1997, Hanna Muralt Müller created the conditions for the electronic publication of legal data (Official Compilation, Classified Compilation of Federal Legislation, Federal Gazette) by means of an internal reorganisation within the administration. Since 1998 these legal data have been available on the internet.

Two e-government projects
On the initiative of Hanna Muralt Müller and under her project management, the Federal Chancellery became active in the field of e-government. In the framework of a four-year project credit of around CHF 30 million for the years 2001 – 2004, she was responsible for two projects: E-Voting (Vote électronique) and

E-Voting (responsible for this project until January 2004) has been developed in the Cantons of Geneva, Neuchâtel and Zurich. More information on the current status can be found on the homepage of the Federal Chancellery: was conceived as a single portal to bring together information and existing administrative transactions for the public for all three levels of government (federal, cantonal, communal). The project was completed on schedule at the end of 2004 and brought into operation on 1 January, 2005.

Even before her retirement (end of 2007) and in a short phase thereafter, Hanna Muralt Müller was already committed to open source applications in e-government. The aim of the PloneGov association she co-founded (spring 2007, from 2012 association) was the introduction, diffusion and further development of a simple, low-cost tool for administrative procedures on an open source basis. Hanna Muralt Müller served as president during the first years, after her resignation she was appointed honorary member. Here: (German).

The reorganization for the electronic publication of legal data and the matters to be clarified with it are described in an article, issued (August 2000) in the anniversary publication «100 Jahre Schweizerische Staatsschreiberkonferenz». Here: PDF (p. 70-77, German).

There are quite a few publications on the activities in e-government during her time as Vice Chancellor. Here: PDF.