The Federal Chancellery

The Federal Chancellery is the staff office of the Federal Council, the Swiss Government. The Federal Chancellor and the two Vice-Chancellors are drawn from different political parties and different language communities. 

Vice-Chancellor (1991 – 2005)

In her capacity as Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Hanna Muralt Müller took part in more than 400 Federal Council meetings. She was responsible for the preparation of these sessions and for drafting the subsequent Federal Council resolutions.
She headed different services of the Federal Chancellery and initiated several innovations. Among them:

Swiss legislation on the Internet
Following an internal reorganisation in 1997, the necessary structures were put in place for the on-line publication of all legislation.

Under the initiative and overall supervision of Hanna Muralt Müller, the Federal Chancellery became active in the field of E-Government. In the framework of a four-year project credit between 2001 – 2004, funded with CHF 30 million, she was responsible for E-Voting and
E-Voting (responsible for this project until January 2004) has been developed in the cantons of Geneva, Neuchâtel and Zurich. For more information: Key dates. was conceived as a single portal to bring together information and existing administrative transactions for the public for all three levels of government (federal, cantonal, communal). The project was completed at the end of 2004 and brought into operation on 1 January 2005.